Community Compost Toolkit

Are you ready to help others start rescuing food and yard waste from being trashed? Set up a Community Compost Drop Station at your home or community garden. Here’s an easy to follow guide to help you get started with community composting as a Soil Maker.

  1. Decide on a composting system that has the capacity for the number of Soil Supporters you hope to get.  We like a simple 3 foot x 10 foot piece of 1/4 inch hardware cloth held in a cylinder shape with a few pieces of wire or zip ties.20190303_132939
  2. Register your site on and Sharewaste so friends and neighbors know what you do and don’t accept, and have directions to make a drop off. You can also communicate with all of your Soil Supporters via their email platform.
  3. Set up your deposit site. Here’s a few suggestions:
    • Make sure your deposit site is accessible to people dropping off. The easier, the better.
    • Repurpose a trash can or rubbermaid tote with holes drilled in the top, sides, and bottom for food scraps and another tote for carbon with holes too with a shovel or tool to scoop the carbon. Soil Supporters will deposit into these containers and you’ll add it to your main compost periodically.
    • Set up your main compost pile where Soil Supporters can access it. Have a nearby tote or pile of carbon with a shovel.
  4. Add signage. PCCA Compost Hub Sign
  5. Ask your friends and neighbors to contribute. You can either email or print out this for potential soil supporters MakeSoil Flyer Advertising PCCA
  6. If you need help with composting facts so you don’t get tongue-tied, use this handy list Guide to Gaining Soil Supporters
  7. Start composting!
  8. Make sure to monitor it closely. Your compost pile is setting an example for others about the ease and importance of composting. Your pile may be the first compost that may of your Soil Supporters have ever seen. Maintain it well so it isn’t stinky or attracting critters.
  9. Ask PCCA to help you anytime! We offer in person home consultations and private video call lessons to guide you through the composting process.