Contribute to a Community Compost Drop Off Station

You don’t need to have your own compost pile to be a composter. There are a number of Community Compost Drop Off Stations in Pinellas County that are ready to accept your food and yard scraps. Find the one most conveniently located to you, join their Soil Site and get started!

Here’s how:

  1. There are two options to locate a community compost drop off station. Go to Sharewaste or Make Soil.
  2. Make a FREE account.
  3. Find a Community Compost Drop Off Station (Make Soil Site) by either typing in your zip code or using the map.
  4. Request access or join site. Some are public sites. You can see the address and drop off instructions immediately. Some are private and you’ll need to request access to get the address.
  5. Review what your selected site accepts and doesn’t accept and the drop off instructions.
  6. You can usually email the manager if you have any questions.
  7. Begin composting!
  8. As always, contact Pinellas Community Composting Alliance if you have any questions.

Pinellas Community Composting Alliance is an educational and advocacy group. Maintenance and management is done by the individual organizers of the compost piles. Contact each site separately for details. Thanks!

Pinellas Community Composting Alliance is an initiative of Living Roots Eco Design, LLC.

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