Waste No Food Donors

Waste No Food is a free, web-based and mobile marketplace allowing excess food to be donated from the food service industry to individuals or qualified charities for consumption or compost in Tampa Bay.

Special thanks to The Brass Bowl in St. Pete for being our first food scrap donor through Waste No Food.

Who can Donate: Any business that makes food scraps can contribute.

Who Can Receive Food for People : A charity who is trained in safe food handling procedures. For more information on donating edible food, please contact Ace.Padian@NetworktoEndHunger.org

Who can Receive Food Scraps for Compost or Animal Feed: Any person or community group that composts can pick up the food scraps for composting.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up through Waste No Food on the free mobile app.
  2. Contact us to have a quick orientation and bucket delivery.
  3. Provide our list of compostable materials to your staff. It’s printable here and one will be included in your Welcome Package at the Orientation meeting.
  4. Begin saving your food scraps.
  5. Log on to the Waste No Food app at least once a week to have your full buckets collected and empty buckets left for you to refill.
  6. Complete our quick online surveys to help us perfect the system monthly. Remember, it’s a pilot program and your feedback matters! Help us to help you.


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