Waste No Food: Food Scrap Recipients

Anyone with a compost pile or animal that eats plant-based food scraps is eligible to participate in this free program.

  • Urban Farms
  • Backyard Compost Piles
  • Community Gardens
  • Back Up for Existing Compost Pick Up Routes

How to Get Started Today:

  1. Sign up on Waste No Food as a recipient, on the mobile app using these directions.
  2. Make a free Make Soil and/or Sharewaste account. It’s optional but it’ll help you get more food scraps and yard waste for your compost. (We may also have the occasional compost bucket pick up by a volunteer who does not have a compost pile, so your Community Compost Drop Off Station may benefit from the additional delivery.)
  3. Schedule a quick orientation with us to get the details and a set of buckets.
  4. Monitor the app, Waste No Food, for a notification that there are full buckets available.
  5. If you are able to pick the full buckets up and replace with your clean empty buckets, you’ll claim the order and make the exchange.
  6. Please be mindful that each establishment will have slightly different procedures for pick up. We suggest communicating with each new business you visit to learn their preferences.
  7. If you need additional bucket sets just let us know!


Pinellas Community Composting Alliance is an initiative of Living Roots Eco Design, LLC.

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