What is Community Composting?

Imagine hubs on every block where you could bring your food waste and it magically regenerates the soil. You generate less trash, plus you have the peace of mind knowing that you are replenishing the earth’s supply of soil while reducing methane gas production. Healthy food is able to grow in the rich soil that was created by your food waste and all you had to do was separate your trash. This is community composting. You can register your site at MakeSoil.org so people can find your compost site and sign up to bring you food scraps or brown materials.

Ready to get started in your neighborhood? Reach out, follow this blog… We have done it. It’s not that hard, you can do it too!

Use some of these documents to help you:

Guide to Gaining Soil Supporters

PCCA Compost Hub Sign

Composting 101 handout



Here’s a few things to consider.

  • Do you have the space on your property? It doesn’t take much but you’ll need room to move around with a pitchfork or shovel and a wheelbarrow.
  • Do you have the knowledge of how to properly compost aerobically so as to not make methane gas?
  • Do you want a TON of finished compost? Or want to share it with friends and neighbors?