The Journey Begins

Three women set out to tackle Pinellas County’s Logo Canva 1food waste. One home, one community at a time.  What can you, the individual, do to make the biggest positive impact? A lot of it has to with food and food waste. Join our community to learn how you can make a difference. Follow our blog if you are not local to Pinellas County, Florida, so that you can see the benefit of community composting and maybe start a community composting initiative in your area.

Our goal is to help people to reduce food waste through better habits of buying, growing, and consuming, and by learning to compost our food and yard waste properly. We follow the composting guidelines suggested by Dr. Elaine Ingham of the Soil Food Web.

We want to help people to become aware of the growing mountain of trash that each city is producing. Most importantly, we want for people to reduce the amount of methane that is produced by food and yard waste sitting and rotting in a heap.