What is Community Composting?

Gardening can be expensive! Whether you’re growing veggies or flowers, replenishing plants, compost, fertilizers and mulch adds up. Do you compost? It’ll save you so much money, reduce your household waste and you’ll know the exact source of the soil amendments you put on your garden!

You can make all the soil amendments you need right in your backyard by composting your food scraps and yard waste. Ask a handful of friends and neighbors to bring you their food scraps too and you’ll be rich! Rich in valuable compost, that is…

Ready to get started in your neighborhood?

If you are already a fairly experienced composter, you have the skills you need to manage a bigger pile. We are here to help you along the way. We have done it. It’s not that hard. You can do it too!

Use this handy guide to get you started:

Community Compost Toolkit


Our Goal:

Imagine drop off stations on every block where you could bring your food scraps and/or yard waste and it magically regenerates the soil. You generate less trash, plus you have the peace of mind knowing that you are replenishing the earth’s supply of soil while reducing methane gas production. Healthy food will grow in the rich soil that was created by your food waste and all you had to do was separate your trash. This is community composting. We ask for your help to achieve this.

Pinellas Community Composting Alliance does not manage most Community Compost Drop Off Stations. Please contact the individual home owners or garden members for details about visiting their composting sites.

Are you ready to set up a Community Compost Drop Off Station at your home, business, or community space? We offer Compost Coaching and Consulting.

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Pinellas Community Composting Alliance is an initiative of Living Roots Eco Design, LLC.